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*If 32 teams enter the tournament, our team's Thursday preferred draw times are:
 Thursday 12:00, Thursday 14:50 (2:50pm)
 Thursday 13:35 (1:35pm), Thursday 16:05 (4:05pm)
 No Preference, Either Thursday Option Will Work

  Note: Friday's 3rd game time will depend on which division you are in after Thursday's games.
  If only 16 (or fewer) teams enter the tournament, then every team's draw times will be:
  Thursday 13:00 (1pm), Thursday 15:00 (3pm), Friday 13:00 (1pm)
Charity Fundraising (All * Required To Submit)
*Charity Fundraising has always been a part of the Ironman Outdoor Curling culture, but it is optional. Please select an option:
 We want to fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
 We want to fundraise for HOPE worldwide Canada
 No Fundraising